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Nero X Mizu enjoying a picnic together by DragonWarrior25
Nero X Mizu enjoying a picnic together
Nero and Mizu want spend some time together. Since it was nice sunny day out their decided to have a picnic.

Nero belong to me
Mizu belong to :iconshinoabu:

This commission was done by :iconash-k-arts: Thank you so much! I love this picture. Everybody please check art work and commission.
Neo uses Cosmic Energy by DragonWarrior25
Neo uses Cosmic Energy
This picture shows a demonstration on how Neo use his cosmic energy.

Commission was done by :icondivert-s: I love it thank you so much!!

Abilities and Attacks

Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Neo can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect he desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of even entire galaxies across space and time, vortexes and cosmic awareness. He can generate stellar winds, solar flares, and cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers. Neo can also call upon the comets, meteors, asteroids, stars, moons, planets, nebula, and quasars also use energy from them to create a style of energy attacks. Neo can drawn cosmic energy from throughout the galaxies when he need the power. Neo can tap into elements powers of fire, wind, electricity, ice, and light through cosmic energy or is often call cosmic elemental. Cosmic elementals let him use elements attacks and defenses as well. Cosmic energy gives him the ability of super speed but his speed considerably slower than Sonic or Shadow. If I have give a explain of how fast Neo is let just say if he race against Sonic or Shadow at track field three laps around. Both Sonic and Shadow will over lap him by one lap. Neo has unique ability to breathe in outer space if needed. When using this power often his eyes will turn sky blue also he give off sky blue aura stream as he run. This power was first he inhabit from his mother gene at age of one year old but his real first power was chaos energy since he was infant. Limits he unable to create or form planets and inhabitation into existence. He can’t run over his limit speed if he try go any faster he will lose control.

Cosmic Vision: Emit cosmic energy from his eyes. Which allow Neo to see speed object or other speeder. This also happen whatever he use this power his eyes turn blue.

 Cosmic Ball Projection: Create and launch spheres of cosmic energy.

 Cosmic Breath: Discharge cosmic energy blasts from mouth.

 Hand Blasts: Release cosmic energy blasts from hands.

 Cosmic Wave Emission: Send out a shock wave of cosmic energy and that repels everything.

 Omnidirectional Cosmic Waves: Send out a wave of cosmic energy in all directions.

 Reflective Attacks: Release attacks that can bounce off of any surface and hit his opponents.

 Star Scatter Shot: Release cosmic energy blasts that split into multiple fragments.

 Cosmic Spike Pillar Projection: Project cosmic energy spikes pillars from within the ground trapping and holding opponents in place or sending them flying.

 Zap: A tiny short release of electric cosmic energy to cause paralyzed, pain or discomfort, usually too low-powered to be destructive.

 Stardust Bombs: Create bombs/explosions of tiny atom particles of dust or stardust. Neo just snap his fingers to set off the stardust or just send out pulse of heat. This move useful for taking out huge groups, keeping the opponents busy, or seek attacks opponents.

 Vortex Tornado: Neo create spiral/vortex of cosmic energy appear above opponents act like dark hole with force of tornado.

 Saturn Rings: Neo create multi colors rings that float around Neo, before unleashing them upon the target all at once. Rings act like boomerangs strike target(s) multiple time cause great pain on impact if target is life or if target is something like robot they will tear apart like paper depend on Neo chose of attack.

 Meteor Strike: This move is basely upgrade version of the homing attack. He travel at high speed coming down of outer space strike his opponents with force of meteor.

Comet Cannon: This attack is an advance version of spin dash. The impact during the spin charge process Neo infusion cosmic energy into it to increase the speed and force behind the spin dash. Once spin dash is release the effects from cosmic energy give the spin dash more speed and greater impact when came into contact with it target(s). Think of it as getting hit by cannon at full force with combine speed of missile.

Gatling Star Shower: Neo gather stardust in his hand forming a spiral sphere. Once ready he release blast which explodes into a mass of meteor shower of light. This attack is uses in order to bring down multiple targets, instead of just the one simultaneously by firing beam of light for both wide and long range. This move is alternate version of stardust bombs only instead of bombs it more like razor-sharp shards of star fragments fire like lasers beams.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 8:02 AM
I hope everybody is having a wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoying their time together over a good meal with family and friends. I'm going try and visit a few family members and spend time with them. I see ya all later. Ciao! :D

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